Ultra Tendency CRO Robin Werner followed CEO Robert’s speech with a talk on how to grow as a professional at Ultra Tendency. Read his main points below.

• Whereas Robert spoke of purpose at high level, Robin discussed the purpose of being at Ultra Tendency.
• Ultra Tendency has a family spirit. We have the possibility to change and improve this organization for the better.
• “Be the Change!” has become the internal motto of UT.
• The Ultra Tendency Human Resources team reengineered individual growth plans and all colleagues can be the change they want to see.
• Robin came to Ultra Tendency because it’s known in the market as best in class.
• Ultra Tendency’s partners work with us, because we have skills that are hard to come by.
• Robin asked a senior manager at DAX40, “Why do you work with UT?” His answer: “Because you start where others stop.”
• Working with the best is learning from the best. Ultra Tendency employees are all highly intelligent and can improve this organization and move forward with their career.