Ultra Tendency is proud to support local youth and professional sports teams of the Magdeburg region.

Ultra Tendency is

  • Silver partner to 1. FC Magdeburg (professional football, 2. Bundesliga)
  • Sponsor of the SBB Baskets Wolmirstedt (professional basketball, ProB)
  • Sponsor of VfB Ottersleben (youth football)

It only comes naturally for Ultra Tendency to partner with organizations from the Magdeburg area. Ultra Tendency is a world-class data engineering consultancy local to Magdeburg, but operating internationally. We support sports teams at all levels, because we believe that global citizenship starts at home. We want youth athletes in Magdeburg to know that they can succeed in sports, in business, or in whatever path they may take.

David of Ultra Tendency meets with SBB Baskets representatives.