Cloud Architecture

For Cloud-based solutions, Ultra Tendency partners with Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP and more. Our architects and engineers prioritize clear design decisions with cost in mind, helping the client decide how to maximize the benefits of Cloud computing for their specific circumstances. For example, the higher the cloud abstraction layer (e.g. SaaS), the lower the operating costs. But the lower the cloud abstraction layer (e.g. IaaS), the more flexibility companies will have to customize the Cloud.

The introduction of FinOps can strike a balance between costs and performance without affecting scalability. Through this framework, Ultra Tendency can help determine which Cloud components should be used for operations: Cloud-native tools or the company’s existing monitoring systems?

Responsible parties should also check the use of reserved instances to identify potential cost-cutting opportunities.

The same applies for the use of data storage. Because the corresponding flat files or databases can alternately be obtained from Cloud providers or as PaaS. Another option would be one’s own hosting on IaaS.

Cloud Engineering – Overview

  • Security – engineering a central single-sign-on-strategy for users and developers alike

  • Integration of Cloud resources and applications into company network via direct cloud network connections or VPNs

  • Establishment of uniform client and/or subscription model for all Cloud applications

  • Implementation of automated backup procedures

  • Highest expertise in containerization