Ultra Tendency is AWS Advanced partner

    A Strategic Partnership Driving Comprehensive Data Solutions
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    Ultra Tendency holds the AWS "Advanced" partner status.

    Ultra Tendency has AWS-certified employees in all disciplines of the AWS Big Data Analytics Stack. This means that Ultra Tendency can support our customers from start to finish. On the basis of a joint business plan, AWS and Ultra Tendency work hand in hand.

    In a prime example, Ultra Tendency supports Europe’s largest OEM with the creation of its central supply chain platform for all brands on AWS. This platform is responsible for the global and local material flow of all brands. UT supports with:

    • Holistic architecture design
    • Migration of legacy platforms
    • Integration of various data sources
    • Data processing of all business applications including microservices
    • Data analysis and the operation of platforms on AWS-native technologies

    In addition, Ultra Tendency supports another OEM in creating its central Data Analytics based on Cloudera CDP and AWS. We support a Tier 1 automotive supplier on the basis of AWS technologies in the areas of IIoT and data analytics on AWS (from Edge to Data Science). Moreover, Ultra Tendency is responsible end-to-end for Germany’s most successful telematics solution leveraging AWS technologies.

    The technologies used by Ultra Tendency range from basic services (e.g. Basis Infrastructure, S3, Lambda, Dynamo DB, KMS, Aurora, DocumentDB) to all data engineering services (e.g. Kinesis, Neptune, Glue, Timestream) to the complete AWS-Analytics portfolio (e.g. Redshift, Athena, SageMaker, ML Stack, DataBricks).