Apache HBase is an open-source NoSQL database based on Apache Hadoop and modeled after the Google BigTable.

HBase provides random access and strong consistency for large amounts of data in a schematic, open source database. Data is stored in the rows and columns of a table, and the data in a row is combined into a column family. HBase is a schemaless database. The columns and data types can be undefined before use. The open source code can be scaled linearly, so petabytes of data can be processed on thousands of nodes. HBase leverages data redundancy, batch processing, and other features provided by distributed applications in the Hadoop environment.

Jan Hentschel's testimonial

"At Ultra Tendency, you have been the backbone of our Dual Lambda Streaming Architecture for many years! You have served billions of queries on behalf of our customers without interruption and at low latency. Your architecture guaranteed that you were always there when we needed you, never letting us or our customers down. You are the reason why our European clients today are running flourishing new business models backed by low-latency streaming products. Our committers and contributors will continue to fix bugs and provide feature enhancements. Ultra Tendency wishes you a bright and successful future!" – Jan Hentschel, Chief Information Officer, Ultra Tendency.

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