We were honoured to sponsor the Septembers K8s meetup and share some insights about Kubernetes from two of our software developers.

kubernetes dudes.jfif

Murtaza held a talk on “Why Kubernetes? Kubernetes Basic and Advanced Objects.” In this presentation, Murtaza provided a high-level overview of the most important components of K8s and how they fit together. Starting with an overview of containers and orchestration, highlighting what K8s is capable of, he then went on to discuss K8s objects and concepts including pods, labels, deployments, services, namespaces, ingresses, and volumes.

In the second presentation, Shiyu delved into some practical examples and demonstrated a few different things. He deployed a Kubernetes and ran a simple Tomcat pod. He also explained in detail the K8s architecture including the components that run on the master and worker nodes. The presentation ended with demoing the setup of a three-node cluster and presenting a sample use case.

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