Ultra Tendency CEO Robert Neumann provided a philosophical keynote address at the Ultra Tendency Summer Event. Check out the summary below!

• Robert began his speech by noting that what he likes to talk about is numbers and facts. But he decided to discuss something with relevance beyond the business of Ultra Tendency.
• In order to thrive, individuals need meaning in their life and work.
• The modern media environment is such that there is always some entity trying to influence individuals to think a particular way, to buy something, to support a cause, or to vote for someone.
• No lone individual can change this media environment. The individual is too small against this larger environment.
• Individuals can burn out or lose their focus in life if they don’t have their own meaning apart from that provided by a manipulative media environment.
• An individual with purpose can curate their environment and create their own meaning. She can know what it useful for her and what is not.
• That purpose cannot be selfish or egotistical. But purpose gives an individual the reason to get up in the morning, it gives the capability to deal with difficult people, to stay calm, and to survive difficult times. It gives the answer to questions.
• But one can only find purpose the hard way – alone. One must find that little thing inside that keeps the flame burning. The thing for which one is willing to strive and sacrifice.
• For Robert, that thing is love for his family.