We regularly contribute source code to more than 20 open source projects because we understand that enhancements to the source code are necessary for our customers’ business systems. Among our colleagues, several individuals have the Apache community status of “Contributor” and “Committer”. Due to their prior contributions to certain projects, committers gain the privilege of editing the source code of their respective projects on their own initiative.

Ultra Tendency is the unique bridge between Open Source and Azure

Najat Messaoud

Azure Business Lead - Senior Director, Germany

Unmatched technological expertise from Ultra Tendency is guaranteed, on account of our committers in the Apache projects HBase and Alluxio. Working with Ultra Tendency is the fastest way to fix bugs and get feature requests with open source technologies.

Furthermore, Ultra Tendency employs contributors to the following open source projects: Kafka, Nifi, HBase, Ansible, Terraform, Zeppelin, Ranger, Oozie, Yarn, Sentry, Avro, Zookeeper, Ozone, Checkov, and Yetus.

Ultra Tendency is heavily involved in the open source community. The organization of Meetups in Ultra Tendency’s offices, the regular participation at Spark Summits, as well as Keynotes at Strata Conference in London 2018 and Evolve 2020 underline our commitment to the community.

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