We are proud to present our numerous partners. With them, we are well and truly prepared for all challenges in the big data and cloud ecosystems and beyond.


    Ultra Tendency has leveraged Cloudera technologies since 2011 and is the only Cloudera Gold Partner in the Central EMEA region. Due to Ultra Tendency’s open-source contributions and our unmatched skills, Cloudera frequently leverages Ultra Tendency as an extended services arm to deliver the most challenging projects to their most important customers in Germany, the EMEA region, and globally. Ultra Tendency is the only Cloudera CEMEA partner who has earned a subcontracting agreement with Cloudera Inc. Typical engagements include: central data analytics platforms, streaming applications, Data Lake use cases, large-scale batch processing, predictive analytics, and IIoT use cases. Ultra Tendency works closely with Cloudera product development in the USA to fulfil the requirements of joint strategic accounts like Deutsche Telekom Group. Moreover, Ultra Tendency enhances Cloudera’s portfolio if needed by customer requirements. For example, Ultra Tendency created a parcel for Apache Nifi for Cloudera customers before Cloudera made Nifi available in their own stack. Ultra Tendency has also contributed to Cloudera's implementation of Kubernetes and Spark on Kubernetes.


    Ultra Tendency has the following five Microsoft partner statuses for Azure. "Gold" in the area of cloud platform, "Silver" in the areas of application integration, data analytics, application development and data center. Ultra Tendency has a long-standing and close relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft VPs praised Ultra Tendency in keynotes at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose (2015/2016) for analyzing radiation data in Japan after the Fukushima meltdown using Azure technology. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, describes this use case in his book "Hit Refresh - How Microsoft Has Reinvented Itself and Changed the Future". Ultra Tendency is developing the NoSQL database Apache HBase and other Apache open source projects together with Microsoft and others (e.g. Alibaba, Salesforce, Cloudera, Huawei, Xiaomi). Together with the “Microsoft Global Black Belt Team” (Microsoft's technological spearhead), Ultra Tendency developed common reference architectures for IIoT and Big Data. These holistic end-to-end big data and IIoT architectures use both open source components and the Microsoft stack and are implemented as well as operated by Ultra Tendency. Najat Messaoud (Director Azure Germany) describes Ultra Tendency as "the unique bridge between open source and Azure". Ultra Tendency support several insurance, automotive and manufacturing corporations as well as customers like Deutsche Telekom and its Telekom Data Intelligence Hub on Azure (see references).
    The Azure native technologies used by Ultra Tendency range from basic services (e.g. Azure Functions, ADLS, ACS / ACR, VMS, Managed Databases, Azure AD, Key Vault, VPC / Firewalls, Load Balancer) to all data engineering services (e.g. DataFactory, Data Catalog, Event Hub, Synapse, Azure Batch, Cosmos, Redis) to the complete Azure Analytics portfolio (e.g. Azure ML, HD Insights, DataBricks, Power BI). In addition, Ultra Tendency uses a variety of other open source technologies on Azure.

    Amazon Web Services

    Ultra Tendency holds the AWS "Select" partner status and is aiming to achieve "Advanced" partner status soon. Ultra Tendency has AWS-certified employees in all disciplines of the AWS Big Data Analytics Stack. This means that Ultra Tendency can support our customers end-to-end. On the basis of a joint business plan, AWS and Ultra Tendency work hand in hand.
    Ultra Tendency supports Europe’s largest OEM with the creation of its central supply chain platform for all brands on AWS. This platform is responsible for the global and local material flow of all brands. UT supports with:
    • holistic architecture design
    • migration of legacy platforms
    • Integration of various data sources
    • data processing of all business applications including microservices
    • data analysis and the operation of platforms on AWS-native technologies.

    In addition, Ultra Tendency supports another OEM in creating its central Data Analytics based on Cloudera CDP and AWS. We support a Tier 1 automotive supplier on the basis of AWS technologies in the areas of IIoT and data analytics on AWS (from Edge to Data Science). Moreover, Ultra Tendency is responsible end-to-end for Germany’s most successful telematics solution leveraging AWS technologies.
    The technologies used by Ultra Tendency range from basic services (e.g. Basis Infrastructure, S3, Lambda, Dynamo DB, KMS, Aurora, DocumentDB) to all data engineering services (e.g. Kinesis, Neptune, Glue, Timestream) to the complete AWS-Analytics portfolio (e.g. Redshift, Athena, SageMaker, ML Stack, DataBricks).

    Apache Community

    Among Ultra Tendency’s workforce, several colleagues have the Apache community status “Contributor” and “Committer”. Due to contributions to certain Apache projects, Committers gain the privilege of changing the source code of their respective projects on their own behalf. Ultra Tendency employs Committers in the Apache projects HBase and Alluxio. Hence, unmatched technological expertise is guaranteed as well as the fastest way to bug fixing and feature requests. Jan Hentschel is Apache HBase Release Manager and the 11th highest ranked HBase Committer in the world.
    Moreover, Ultra Tendency employs Contributors to the following projects: HBase, Kafka, Nifi, Ansible, Terrascan, Terraform, Ozone, Ranger, Zookeeper, Zeppelin, Oozie, Yarn , Sentry, Alluxio, Avro, and Yetus.
    No other organization in the Central EMEA contributes more source code to Apache projects.
    Ultra Tendency is heavily involved in its community. The execution of Meetups in our offices, the regular participation at Spark Summits as well as the joint keynote with T-Systems about the Data Intelligence Hub at Strata Conf in London 2018 underlines our commitment to the community.


    Ultra Tendency holds 12 Databricks certifications currently, as Apache Spark is considered as core technology. Ultra Tendency works with Apache Spark since Version 0.9 and integrated Kerberos for Spark before it was generally available in 2013. As partners, Ultra Tendency and Databricks can jointly react fast to customer project requirements.


    Ultra Tendency holds 6 Confluent certifications currently, as Apache Kafka is considered as core technology. Ultra Tendency works with Apache Kafka since 2013 and implemented Spark Streaming for Kafka SSL before it was globally available in 2014. As Ultra Tendency employs several Apacha Kafka comitters we are acting as Kafka Resident Solution Architect at some of our customers.


    Germany-based T-Systems and Ultra Tendency jointly support public institutions and global corporations. They won a tender for the new statistic platform of the European Central Bank . Ultra Tendency is responsible for the overall architecture, implementation and testing of the new platform; T-Systems for the migration. Operations and maintenance will be done together. Moreover, Ultra Tendency designed, implemented, and now operates T-Systems' 3rd party data brokerage and self-service analytics platform Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is built on Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure. Ultra Tendency incorporated Azure Databricks, Microsoft Power BI, JupyterHub, Grafana, Cloudera Data Science Workbench, RStudio, H2O, Apache Zeppelin, IBM Watson Studio, Apache Nifi, Apache Kafka, and UMATI into the platform. Ultra Tendency supports another German OEM with its on prem based central Big Data Analytics platform. Moreover, starting in Jan 2022 the partners will support the European Data infrastructure project “GAIA-X”.


    Capgemini, Ultra Tendency and three other consortium participants won a three digit million EUR tender with a term of at least 5 years at German Federal Agency in 2021. There is the possibility of doubling the total volume. Capgemini often works with Ultra Tendency on large tenders in the public sector, as Open Source Big Data technologies are key to it and Capgemini wants to complement its own delivery organization with Ultra Tendency's unique technological know-how in that area.

    IBM Consulting

    IBM Consulting realizes a large number of projects without IBM products but based on the core technologies of Ultra Tendency (Open Source, Azure, AWS). Since IBM Consulting has also recognized the technological dominance of Ultra Tendency in these areas, there is a bi-weekly exchange with it’s lead architect to determine joint projects in the commercial and public sector.